Samantha, the average 17-year old, suddenly discovers she’s not that average after all. After her father dies, she finds out things about herself, powers that intrigue her and at the same time scare her out of her pants. Moving into a cabin in the woods with two boys, both deliciously tempting in their very own way, she has to learn to control these powers, train to be ready when it’s time to fight the dark side, and keep this annoying voice of a stranger the hell out of her head.

With a sizzling passion budding between Sam and Ethan, one of her protectors, this story is right up my alley. Hughes describes perfectly how a teenager’s emotions threaten to escalate while she struggles to stay sane in a world that turns upside-down on her over night. What I found a bit troublesome was the hop back and forth in time at the beginning of the book and the overuse of names in dialogue, but the fast paced story, the light humor in Sam’s voice, and just the right dose of sarcasm, made up for it all the way through the book. TORN comes with far more than just one twist, and Hughes’ skills to build tension to a maximum in each single chapter is impressive. As I’ve heard, she is working on the sequel to it right now. Definitely something to grab.