The one for me

Seriously, rating this book is a hard task. I’ll start off with the good things…

I loved the story, but then I love pretty much any High School drama so that was to be expected. Katy and Liam are two characters I totally rooted for from the first line I read about them. The book is written in first person POV, which tends to be my favorite, but it’s also written in present tense, which I really hate.

The story starts in the middle of the divorce of Katy’s parents, and we get a good feel of her emotions here. She’s hurt, she’s angry, she can’t understand what’s going on and why her dad had to cheat with this awful woman from his office. At the same time her boyfriend abandoned her for a Barbie Clone, and to top it all her best friend Jen (an adorable and lovely side character) has to empty her seat in Science to make room for bad boy Liam Erickson. Katy is stuck with the guy for a project on…tada, sex. At this point I want to mention that there are so many parallels to the book HUSH, HUSH from Becca Fitzpatrick, that I really wondered if this was going to be a lousy copy. But the story soon goes into a different direction…thank God.

Katy tries to get Liam to do the assay with her, but he has other plans. Going to a party, particularly. She follows him, and when her ass-wipe of ex-boyfriend shows up with his new gf, Katy feels the need to do ‘something’. So what the hell, she just kisses Liam. Not a good thing to do in her situation. Within a minute she has the reputation of a rebound girl, class whore and what not (which was a little drastic in my opinion, but for the sake of the story, well…let the author have her way). To pull her neck out of the noose, Katy offers a deal to Liam. He becomes her pretend boyfriend and she helps him get a nicer reputation and better grades. Here I was wondering again why the boy would be looked at differently by the teachers only because he has a girlfriend, but again…it’s part of a working story.

What the author managed brilliantly in this book is making the reader feel the chemistry between Katy and Liam. He’s a bad boy, all right, but he’s sexy, smart, dark and always has a perfect come back. The dialogue was the one thing that convinced me to read the book in the first place when I skimmed through the excerpt, and it kept going smoothly all the way to the end. Congratulations to the author for that.

Unfortunately, there were a few things that spoiled the book, and I think it’s fair to say spoil here, because it totally destroyed the reading pleasure of what could be a YA bestseller. Apart from a bad habit to start almost every sentence with ‘I did this…and I did that…’, the book was littered with typos. And it wasn’t just the occasional misplaced comma. In fact, commas were all over the place, there were typos, grammar mistakes, and the author even got the names of her heroes wrong in several places. I’m a writer, too, and I know how hard it is to catch your own mistakes. But, honestly, that’s why you have critique partners and proofreaders. If she’d done her homework, she would have produced an excellent teenage novel worth 5*. This way…well, I think 4* are okay. I really loved the characters and the story (except for a few inconsistencies like the thing about Liam’s mother moving away and not getting in touch with him, then ‘oh-so-emotional” returning when Katy calls her).

I know this is partly a harsh review, but I’m always honest when I write something for someone. And if I didn’t like the book so much, I wouldn’t feel the need to write anything at all. Make sense? Good.

In fact, I tried to contact the author and tell her all this personally, but there’s nothing about her to be found in the web. Luckily, a writer friend of mine just informed me that all the mistakes were corrected in a late run of edits and a new file was uploaded. I believe that now everyone will love reading this book.

On a final note, it seems the author has also changed the cover picture over night, which is a very good thing, because the former one sucked. It had the same couple as are posted on every other teenage romance, and it really catches your eye…in a bad way. Love the new one!